vision & mission

In an era defined by the monumental pillars of digitalization, virtualization, decentralization, and communication, Doger & Partner´s journey is underpinned by the quest for the most harmonious solutions, where technology serves not as a purpose but as an auxiliary to human ingenuity.

“We (humans) are the masters, they (machines) are the slaves…” – Matsumoto, 2007.

This profound statement encapsulates our ethos. The odyssey of our era is not merely to harness the economical impact of technology and artificial intelligence but to wield them with discernment, aiming to enhance human existence in the most beneficial ways possible. Our ambition is nothing short of reimagining the world as a better, more human-centric place. At the heart of our philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to prioritizing the needs, desires, and constraints of human nature in all our endeavors.

Our approach is inherently holistic, embracing an interdisciplinary amalgamation of computer sciences, behavioral sciences, design, media studies, communication theory, linguistics, social sciences, cognitive sciences, sociology, arts, and philosophy, among others. Through this fusion, we envision a world where information systems are intricately designed and optimized for human needs.

Our mission is to explore, assess, design, implement, integrate, and deploy bespoke information systems that resonate with the human spirit, catering to businesses and markets alike.

Expanding Horizons: Tailored Expertise

Artificial Intelligence (AI): At Doger & Partner, we are pioneering the frontier of AI, from deploying Large Language Models like GPT-4 and LaMDA to crafting serverless AI architectures on Kubernetes etc. Our expertise in AI-powered analytics, DevOps automation, and bot-driven software development underlines our commitment to transforming industries through AI.

Cloud Computing: Our mastery extends to cloud computing, where serverless multicloud architectures and microservices meet bespoke cloud solutions. We empower businesses with Infrastructure as Code (IaaC) tools, ensuring their digital infrastructure is both scalable and secure.

Software Development: Doger & Partner is synonymous with expertisein software development, offering cloud-based solutions, web development, and data analytics, all interwoven with AI and machine learning. Our model-based approach, coupled with agile methodologies, ensures that we lead projects to success, transcending platform boundaries.

Online Marketing: In the digital arena, our strategies revolutionize online marketing. From automating marketing funnels to mastering SEO and SEA, we craft campaigns that not only engage but convert. Our prowess in email marketing, social media, and affiliate marketing ensures our clients’ messages resonate across the digital spectrum.

Science: As educators and innovators, we delve into the realms of statistics, operations research, and predictive analytics, leveraging emerging technologies to foster interdisciplinary thinking. Our workshops and lectures illuminate the path for aspiring technologists, blending the art and science of storytelling with cutting-edge AI, blockchain, and IoT developments.

Thank you for your interest in our vision and mission. Together, let’s craft a future where technology and human aspirations converge in harmony.